China Wholesale Industrial Laser Cleaning and Rust Removal Machine Price

If you are looking for an affordable industrial laser rust remover, laser cleaner that can laser remove rust, paint, etc., this China lightweight portable laser rust remover with easy operation, handheld laser cleaning head, very light weight and affordable price is more suitable for you.

This is the cheapest cleaning machine among laser cleaners, the price of this industrial laser cleaner is most of the cost price. So if you don’t have enough budget, you can consider buying SUNSHAN 1000W laser cleaning equipment. You can use this machine to do laser paint removal, laser rust removal, laser metal cleaning, laser paint removal.

Industrial laser cleaning and rust removal machine parameters

Model 1000
Laser Type CW Laser (Continuous Wave Laser)
Laser Power 1000W, 1500W, 2000W 3000W for Option)
Laser Source Fiber Laser
Laser Wavelength 1080nm
Laser Frequency 10-20kHz
Laser Cleaning Speed ≤40M²/Hour
Laser Scanning Speed 0-14000mm/s
Rust Metals Iron, Steel, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Laser Beam Width 1-50mm
Operation Mode Manual
Temperature 5-40℃
Voltage 220V/2P for 1000W and 1500W 380V/3P for 2000W and 3000W

1.Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion rate and long lifetime.
2.Fast speed, high efficiency, great depth, small deformation, small heat affect zone, high welding quality ,high environmental protection and non-pollution.
3.Cross cursor indication, using the high speed liquid crastal light valve to realize automatic dodging,shielding gas is synchronously outputted with laser to ensure welding spot appearance without oxidation discoloration.

Main Features of Industrial Laser cleaning machine:

1)No damage to the base of the material due to the no-touch surface cleaning performance.

2)Precise cleaning technic for the specific area in a selected area.

3)No need of chemistry or other added supplies.

4)Easy to be operated, can be hand-held or auto-cleaned by installing a robotic arm.

5)Small cleaning time consumption and comes with a high quality finishing result.

6)Stable and impacted integrated design which results to no extra maintenance.

laser cleaning machine

How Much Does Industrial Laser Cleaning and Rust Removal Machine Price Cost?

The price of a Industrial Laser Cleaning and Rust Removal Machine is different from the pricing methods of traditional cleaning such as detergents. Compared with the attributes of cleaning agents as consumables, laser rust cleaning machines can be used repeatedly. As a laser equipment, its price mainly depends on different configurations. For example, if a laser generator with higher power is used, the price will definitely be higher.
The price of 1000W portable laser rust remover starts from $8000.
The price range of 1500W handheld laser rust removing machine is from $9000.
The minimum cost of 2000W high power laser rust removal machine is $11,000.
The 3000W laser rust removal gun is priced from $12,800.

Of course, the price of an automatic laser rust cleaning machine with CNC controller or robot will be higher. Even if the configuration is similar, the costs from different manufacturers are not the same. Because the cost not only involves configuration, but also includes shipping, brand, after-sales service, and other factors.

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