Tube industry to choose the three main reasons for tube laser cutting machine

In recent years, the momentum of laser tube cutting machine is very strong, many manufacturers are scrambling to launch their own laser tube cutting products, the following is a small part to take you to understand the laser tube cutting machine for pipe processing industry has those advantages:.

The rapid development of the industrial market, the pipe in the industrial market demand is increasingly high, metal pipe laser cutting machine because of its wide range of applications, is widely used.

9m laser tube cutting machine

What are the classifications of tube laser cutting machines?

The laser tube cutting machines currently on the market can be classified according to their form into two categories, namely plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines (also called tube and plate integrated machines or plate and tube dual-use machines) and professional tube cutting machines.

According to the cutting capacity or function classification can be divided into single platform plate and tube integrated machine, exchange platform plate and tube integrated machine, professional laser pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic laser pipe cutting machine, automatic laser pipe cutting machine, you can combine their own business scale, processing material type to buy.

Laser pipe cutting machine for pipe processing advantages.

One, save labor to reduce the number of equipment and die wear.

Traditional pipe processing is required to cut off the saw, and then drilling machine or punching machine processing the upper side of the hole, and then chamfering and deburring, each process can not be seamless, each time a process is required to replace a place.

Laser pipe cutting machine processing pipe is a molding, a 6-meter pipe into the metal laser pipe cutting machine only need to point to start, the workpiece on all the openings and truncation all in one go, processing is finished parts, and there is no burr.

tube laser cutter

Second, you can cut any shape, improve efficiency and save time and cost.

Most of the traditional industrial pipe cut-offs use saw blades, the price of a saw blade is about a thousand dollars.
The length of life of the saw blade is related to the recognised proficiency, and the cutting time has to be cooled down to the saw blade, the way chipping. Traditional equipment for processing pipe workpieces is only suitable for small quantities of rough processing.

Laser pipe cutting machine can be a good solution to these problems, in the drawings made out of all the shape can be processed on the laser pipe cutting machine.

Three: reduce environmental pollution and noise pollution.

Traditional processing workshop sound noisy, affecting people’s communication, cutting fluid on the environment also let a certain impact, will cause pollution.

Tube laser cutting machine will not exist in this phenomenon, laser cutting machine in the work made in the sound is very small, probably similar to the sound of a car idling, will not affect the human communication.

To sum up: a laser cutting machine can save 10 traditional punching and cutting equipment and personnel, mold saws a number of, to reduce the production cost of a pipe fittings 50%, and flexible graphics change, can be faster to help companies develop and produce new products, and reduce noise and environmental pollution.

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