How does the portable laser rust remover work?

Laser rust removal has the characteristics of non-abrasive, non-contact and suitable for objects of various materials, and is considered to be a very reliable and effective solution.

Laser rust removal can also solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional rust removal. At present, there are hand-held and portable laser rust removal equipment on the market, backpack-type laser rust removal equipment, so some people must ask whether the rust removal effect of these laser rust removal equipment is the same? How does the portable laser rust remover work?

In fact, there is not much difference in their cleaning effect. The specific cleaning effect and efficiency still depends on the selection of laser rust removal equipment. Hand-held, portable and backpack-type laser rust removal equipment is only the appearance of the equipment used. But the cleaning effect is still the same.

Advantages of portable laser descaling machine:

  1. Scope of rust removal: General laser rust removal is to fix the workpiece on the workbench for rust removal. It can only clean small and movable workpieces, which has certain limitations. The portable laser rust removal machine It can clean the workpieces that are not easy to move, and selectively clean the workpieces.
  2. Flexible rust removal: laser rust removal equipment cleans workpieces in a relatively straight line, and some dead corners are not conducive to rust removal, while portable rust removal equipment can clean workpieces under the control of human hands, and some dead corners can also be used. Derusting and flexible cleaning.
  3. Derusting effect: The cleaning effect of portable laser derusting equipment and ordinary derusting equipment is still the same.
  4. Focused rust removal: When cleaning uneven workpieces, the portable laser rust removal head can adjust the focus up and down for cleaning, resulting in a uniform cleaning effect.
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