Hand Held Laser Rust Removal Tool Consumable Parts

At present, there are many types of hand held laser rust removal tools on the market. Frequent use of hand held laser rust removal tools will have some consumables. So what are the consumables for laser rust removal machines? This article takes you through the consumables of the hand held laser rust removal tool.

There are many styles of laser rust removal tool for sale on the market, mainly divided into pulse laser and continuous laser, solid-state laser and fiber laser. The handheld laser rust removal machine is the continuous fiber laser, the cooling method is water cooling, and the laser wavelength is around 1080nm .

The main consumable of laser rust removal tool is electricity, but besides electricity, there are some other consumables, and their cost cannot be ignored, mainly in three aspects:

Protective lens for laser rust removal gun.

Laser rust removal gun has focusing lens, collimating lens and galvanometer lens. The most easily damaged is the outermost protective lens, which has a high probability of replacement. Other lenses must be replaced regularly, but the replacement frequency is very low. The outermost protective lens is directly exposed to the air. If there is dust, it will cause the lens to burn out when the light is emitted, and the probability of occurrence is very high. During normal operations, it should be scrubbed every day and replaced at least once a week. Develop a good habit, once you stop using it, immediately wrap it with plastic wrap to avoid dust.

laser rust cleaning machine gun
laser rust removal gun


Anyone who plays laser processing knows that whether it is laser welding or laser cutting, gas is used. Other functions such as soot blowing and cooling can be expected, which are very important to protect the machine. Nitrogen is the best, argon is also acceptable, the worse the working environment, the stronger the need for gas. In the laser derusting operation, the consumption of nitrogen is a very important aspect of the cost.

Generally, a can of 40 yuan nitrogen is used for about 2 days, and it works 8 hours a day. If there is no nitrogen, an air pump can also be used, but an oil-water filter must be added to prevent the water and impurities in the air from staining the lens and causing the lens to burn.

Cooling water

The water chiller is a very important device. It plays the role of cooling the laser and the scanning gun head. It is a perfect partner for the laser. Once the chiller stops working, the laser will be damaged. The water in the chiller needs to be replaced regularly, usually every 15 days. It should also be emphasized that pure water should be used for cooling water, and tap water cannot be used. If the temperature is around 0 degrees, clean water should be discharged after the machine operation to avoid freezing. If the long-term temperature is below 0 degrees, you need to use antifreeze.

laser rust cleaning machines
laser rust cleaning machines

Hand-held laser cleaning machine for rust removal is an emerging industry that has been valued by the state. Fiber laser rust removal has been included in the 2025 industry catalog and is a key industry for development in recent years. Laser derusting has the advantages of high efficiency, easy automation, and environmental protection. Recently, the economy has been highlighted and has attracted attention. It has been used as an option in the derusting industry and is gradually expanding its market share. Maybe it will become the mainstream rust removal process in the future.

Two types of mainstream laser rust removal machines on the market.

One is the hand held laser rust removal tool, a large chassis plus a 10-meter fiber optic cable, and a continuous laser is mostly used.

laser cleaner (2)
laser cleaner

The backpack-type laser rust removal tool is small in size and weighs about 10 kilograms. It is carried like a schoolbag for rust removal, and mostly uses pulsed lasers.

But the price of backpack laser rust removal machine is more expensive, and the rust removal efficiency is lower. Except for the convenience of moving, other aspects are far lower than hand held laser rust removal tool.

The hand-held laser descaling machine also has disadvantages. It is very heavy. The weight of the laser descaling machine is about 150 kg.
It is enough to increase the optical fiber line, can it be increased to 100 meters? Can’t. The longer the fiber optic cable, the greater the energy loss. Generally, the fiber optic cable is 10 meters, and it can be increased to 15 meters in special cases, and the limit length is 20 meters.

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