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1000w 1500w 2000w Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale

Do you want to buy laser cleaner plans or want to buy affordable handheld laser cleaner in China for advertising signage, tire cleaning, kitchenware, automotive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing and other industries with products widely available for cleaning in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia, South Africa, India and other Asian countries.

Our 2022 best handheld laser cleaning machine guide can give you the most detailed knowledge of industrial laser cleaning machine. 1000w 1500w 2000w and 3000w affordable industrial metal hand-held laser cleaning machine for rust removal, we can also provide you with professional laser cleaning services as well as customize industrial laser welding equipment for you plans, projects and ideas.

What is a laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine, also known as laser rust removal machine, industrial laser cleaning machine, laser cleaning process relies on the characteristics of the light pulses generated by the laser, based on the photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between the high-intensity beam, short pulses of laser light and the contaminated layer. The fast and concentrated pulses hit and evaporate the residues on the surface with very high power.

Laser pulses are ideally suited for removing organic substances, such as residual dirt from tire molds; the short-term impact does not heat the metal surface and does not damage the substrate. Laser cleaning can clean not only organic contaminants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

How much does a industrial laser cleaning machine price cost

Fiber laser power is available in 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W. Entry level portable handheld laser cleaning machines are priced between $6000.00 and $10,000.00.

The best budget industrial metal laser cleaning and descaling systems range in cost from $18,800.00 to $25,800.00 with fiber laser power of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W.

Affordable automated robotic laser cleaners range in price from $48,000.00 to $10,000.00 with fiber laser power of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W.

The least expensive 3-in-1 laser welding, cleaning, and cutting machines range in price from $5,500.00 to $12,000.00 for fiber laser power sources of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W. The average cost of a handheld laser beam welder is approximately $5,500.00 by 2022, but costs vary widely depending on the configuration and features of the cleaning and descaling machine. However, costs vary widely, depending on the configuration and features of the cleaning and descaling machine.

Fiber laser cleaning machine parameters

Laser source
Laser power
Fiber cable length
Laser wavelength
Laser frequency
Clean speed
Scann speed
Water cooling 
Beam width
5-40 ℃
Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ
Single Phase 220V, 50/60HZ
Three Phases 380V, 50/60HZ

How do a laser cleaning machines work

As a new field of laser applications – laser cleaning technology, its principle is the use of narrow pulse width, high power density of laser light on the surface to be cleaned, in the rapid light vibration, gasification, decomposition and plasma stripping and other mechanisms under the joint action, so that the contaminants from the substrate, to achieve surface cleaning.

6 advantages of industrial laser cleaning machine:

1. Non-contact cleaning does not damage the base of the parts.

2. Precise cleaning can realize selective cleaning with precise position and precise size.

3. No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safety and environmental protection.

4. The operation is simple, and it can be powered on, and it can be hand-held or cooperated with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.

5. The cleaning efficiency is very high, saving time.

6. The laser cleaning system is stable and hardly needs maintenance.

laser clean
laser cleaning machines

laser cleaning machine for rust removal applications

Laser cleaning can clean not only organic contaminants, but also inorganic materials, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. The technology for some practical applications has been very mature and widely used. Such as: mold cleaning, weapons and equipment cleaning, old aircraft paint cleaning, building facade cleaning, electronics industry cleaning, precision machinery industry precision de-ester cleaning, nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning, etc.

Laser cleaning machine way there are four kinds.

1. laser dry cleaner method, that is, the choice of pulsed light immediate radiation source decontamination.

2. laser + attached layer way, that is, the first to accumulate a layer of attached layer in the substrate surface, followed by the laser radiation source decontamination.

3. laser + rare gas way, that is, in the laser radiation source at the same time, with rare gas blowing to the substrate surface layer, when the waste from the surface layer will be separated directly by the gas blowing away from the surface layer, in order to prevent the surface layer is again environmental pollution and air oxidation.

4. Application of laser cleaning machine to loosen the stain, and then clean up with non-corrosive organic chemical methods.

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