1000 watt laser rust removal machine/laser cleaning machine

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1000w laser rust removal machine

  • Laser Type :SANSHEN Laser (Continuous Wave Laser)
  • Laser Source Power : 1000W/1500W/2000W
  • Scanning Width : 160±10mm
  • Cleaning Efficiency : 15-45㎡/h
  • Input Voltage : 220V, 1Phase
  • Cooling Method : Water Cooling

The handheld laser rust remover has the advantages of easy control, easy automation integration, no chemical reagents, surface cleaning, high cleaning cleanliness, high precision, high efficiency and environmental protection, safety and reliability, and almost no damage to the surface of the substrate, which can solve the problem of traditional cleaning. Various puzzles to solve.

What is a handheld laser rust remover

Laser descaling machine is also known as laser descaling tool, laser descaling machine, laser descaling machine, laser descaling machine, laser descaling tool, laser descaling machine, laser descaling machine.Laser cleaning is a new type of non-abrasive, non-contact environmentally friendly cleaning method. At the same time, it can solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods. This is considered the most reliable and efficient solution.

Handheld laser rust removal machine power has 1000w 1500w 2000w Mainly suitable for rust on metal iron, steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum and more metal surfaces

How handheld laser rust remover works:

Laser rust remover uses lasers with a certain peak power and single-pulse energy. When the laser is in contact with the working surface, it can be imagined as hitting a small energy ball in turn. The rust will absorb energy. Due to the short action time, the rust on the surface absorbs the energy. The energy is vaporized in an instant, and the heat cannot be conducted downwards, which will cause the surface rust to disappear instantly without damaging the workpiece, and the processing speed is relatively fast.

Why does metal rust?

Rusting is a chemical reaction, which is essentially an oxidation reaction of metals. The most common rust phenomenon is that iron products are exposed to the air for a long time, oxidized with oxygen, or corroded by oxygen in water to form oxides. Spongy rust is particularly easy to absorb water and iron will rust faster if it is not removed.
The traditional rust removal method will cause problems such as damage to the surface of the workpiece, unclean cleaning, and environmental pollution.

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laser cleaning machine

Technical Parameter

Laser Source Power1000W/1500W/2000W
Scanning Width160±10mm
Laser TypeContinuous/Modulation
Total Power6000-10000W(Including Chiller)
Cleaning Efficiency15-45㎡/h
Cable LengthStandard 10m(customizable 15m)
Laser Wavelength1080±1nm
Input Voltage220V, 1Phase
Environment Humidity≤70% No Condensation
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Cooling Water RequirementsPurifiedor Distilled Water
Machine Dimension(mm)870*560*1050
Machine Weight(kg)145/165/180
laser rust cleaning machine
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laser rust cleaning machine gun

6 advantages of laser cleaning and descaling machine:

1) Automated assembly line: The laser cleaning machine can be integrated with CNC machine tools or robots to implement remote control and cleaning, which can realize the automation of equipment, form product assembly line operations, and operate intelligently.

2) Accurate positioning: use optical fiber transmission to guide the laser to make it flexible, and control the light spot to move at high speed through the built-in scanning galvanometer, which is convenient for non-contact hard-to-reach parts such as special-shaped parts, holes, and grooves that are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods. ground laser cleaning.

3) No damage: A short-term impact will not heat the metal surface and cause no damage to the substrate.

4) Good stability: The pulsed laser used in the laser cleaning machine has a long service life, usually up to 100,000 hours, with stable quality and good reliability.

5) No environmental pollution: no chemical cleaning agent is required and no cleaning waste liquid is generated. The pollutant particles and gases generated during the laser cleaning process can be simply collected and purified by a portable exhaust fan to avoid environmental pollution.

6) Low maintenance cost: no consumables are consumed during the use of the laser cleaning machine, and the operating cost is low. In the later period, only the lens needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, and the maintenance cost is low, which is close to maintenance-free.

What materials can the laser descaling machine mainly clean?

What materials can the laser descaling machine mainly clean?
Rust rust stains: rust on iron, steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum and more metal surfaces Paint or ink is widely used in some metal or non-metallic materials to remove rust.
For metal or glass surface coating removal, rapid paint removal, not only can remove all, but also can clean the surface paint layer by layer;
Rapid rust removal on metal surfaces, and various oxides;
Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residues;
Roughening of metal surfaces;
Derusting and degreasing of auto parts before welding, and cleaning of oxides and stains after welding;
Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, food molds;
Oil contamination removal after the production and processing of precision parts;
Rapid clean-up of nuclear power component repairs;
Aerospace weapons, oxide treatment, paint removal, rust removal in the process of ship production or maintenance; metal surface cleaning in small spaces; cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, and building exterior surface cleaning.

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How much does a laser rust removal machine price?

The current laser descaling machine equipment is basically homogeneous, because the configuration is different, the scale of the company is different, and the price is also different. The price of buying equipment is one aspect. Our company has 1000W, 200W, 500W, 1000W laser descaling machine prototypes, which can be proofed at any time, and the same configuration is cost-effective.

If a higher power laser generator is used, the price will definitely be higher.

1000w Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Cleaning Machine starts at $5,000.
The price range for a 1500W handheld laser rust remover starts at $7,000.
The minimum cost of a 2000W high power laser rust remover is $10,000.

Different manufacturers have different configurations for laser descaling machines, different costs, and different prices. This also depends on many factors such as freight, brand, and after-sales service.1000w Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Cleaning Machine

Maintenance work of laser cleaning and descaling machine:

1. Daily inspection and maintenance

1) At the end of each shift, visually inspect the laser cleaning after the laser cleaning equipment is powered off
Whether the focusing lens at the front end of the head is damaged or dirty, if so, use special lens cleaning
paper to wipe clean.
2) Before the start of each shift, check the buttons on the chassis of the laser cleaning machine and the
Whether the knob is loose, damaged, unable to adjust, etc.
3) The door, cover, lock and oil-resistant gasket around the door frame of the electrical cabinet/chassis should be in good condition.
Doors and covers should be closed tightly, and the inside of the cabinet should be kept clean and free of water droplets, oil stains and metal chips.
people in the electrical cabinet to avoid damage to electrical appliances and cause accidents; tooling fixtures are cleaned once per shift to ensure that
Ensure that the surface is free of oil and foreign matter.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of chillers and lasers
1) The air inlet filter screen of the chiller must be cleaned regularly to prevent the filter screen from being blocked (it is recommended to clean it at least once a week, such as in special environments, the cleaning time depends on customer needs).
2) It is recommended to replace the circulating water inside the chiller at least once every 3 months, and it is recommended to use distilled water.
3) Users are not allowed to disassemble and assemble the laser or the whole machine when an alarm occurs

Are you looking for an affordable Laser rust cleaning machine?

We will bring you cheap fiber laser rust removers in 2022 with 1000W, 1500W or 2000W laser power to suit your custom cleaning plans, projects and ideas.

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