What Is Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning machine also known as laser rust removal machine, laser cleaning metal machine, laser rust removal cleaning tool, Laser cleaner rust removal laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning rust removal machine classification.

Handheld laser cleaners, portable laser cleaners, mini laser rust removal machines, backpack laser cleaners.

1 Laser cleaning machine power:

2 What Is Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine ?

3 What types of laser cleaning machines are there?

3.1 1.Laser dry cleaning method.

3.2 2.Laser + liquid film method.

3.3 3.Laser + inert gas method

3.4 4.Laser + non-corrosive chemical method

4 6 major components of industrial laser cleaning machine

5 What are the advantages of laser surface cleaning?

6 How much is a laser rust removal equipment?

7 How to choose a laser cleaning machine for rust removal?

Laser cleaning machine power:

Laser cleaning machine power: 1000w 1500w 2000w handheld laser cleaning machine.

laser cleaning machine.
laser cleaning machine.

What Is Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine ?

The laser cleaning machine is mainly designed for metal materials, and the common thing in metal cleaning is to remove rust. The chemical composition of the rust and the substrate and the absorption rate of the laser are different. The temperature rises to produce gasification and decomposition, and after chemical blasting, the dust is ejected by physical vibration to achieve the effect of cleaning rust.

What types of laser cleaning machines are there?

There are many types of laser cleaning machines, and many methods of laser cleaning. For different metal materials and different stains, you can choose different laser cleaning methods according to the actual situation.

Laser cleaning mechanism can be summarized as four aspects: laser vapor decomposition, laser stripping, thermal expansion of dirt particles, substrate surface vibration and particle vibration; and laser cleaning is often the result of multiple mechanisms at the same time.

laser cleaner (2)
laser cleaner (2)

1.Laser dry cleaning method.

That is, the use of pulsed laser direct radiation purification. The laser generated by the laser can be focused through the optical system to achieve a high degree of energy concentration. The focused laser beam can produce thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focal point, instantly evaporating or decomposing the adherents on the surface of the object.

2.Laser + liquid film method.

That is, a layer of liquid film is deposited on the surface of the aggregate first, and then the liquid film is blasted and purified by laser.

3.Laser + inert gas method

That is, after laser irradiation of the workpiece surface, the dirt is stripped from the surface, and the inert gas is used to blow away the dirt to avoid re-pollution and oxidation of the clean surface.

4.Laser + non-corrosive chemical method

First irradiate the surface of the workpiece with laser, and then decontaminate it with non-corrosive chemical method after the dirt is loosened. Only art works use this method.

6 major components of industrial laser cleaning machine

Industrial laser cleaning machine components are laser, handheld handle, scanning lens, housing, software, electronic control, etc.

laser cleaner (1)

What are the advantages of laser surface cleaning?

1, laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method, without the use of any chemicals and cleaning solutions, cleaning down the waste is basically a solid powder, small size, easy to store, recyclable, can easily solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.

2, traditional cleaning methods are often contact cleaning, cleaning the surface of the object has a mechanical force, damage to the surface of the object or cleaning media attached to the surface of the object to be cleaned, can not be removed, resulting in secondary pollution, laser cleaning of non-abrasive and non-contact so that these problems are solved.

3, the laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber, with the robot and robot with, convenient to achieve long-distance operation, can clean the traditional method is not easy to reach parts, which can be used in some dangerous places to ensure the safety of personnel.

4, laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants from the surface of various materials, to achieve the cleanliness of conventional cleaning can not be achieved. And also in the case of no damage to the surface of the material can be selectively clean the surface of the material pollutants.

5, laser cleaning, save time.

6, the purchase of laser cleaning system, although the initial one-time investment is high, but the cleaning system can be used steadily for a long time, the operating costs will become very low.

How much is a laser rust removal equipment?

Our company has many years of experience in the production of laser rust removal machines, and is familiar with the application of products in various industries. At present, we still have some potential users who think that the price of laser cleaning equipment is too high, and the process development for various cleaning requirements is not sufficient, resulting in Still hesitant to use it.

The editor believes that with the promotion and development of laser cleaning applications, there is still a certain room for the price of equipment and systems to drop in the future, but the price of mechanical equipment cannot drop indefinitely. drop.

How much is a laser rust removal equipment? This problem is clearly communicated to customers for laser rust removers whose prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Generally speaking, the price of the rust remover is related to the power. The higher the laser power, the more expensive the price. However, the purchase of a laser descaling machine should still be based on your own specific requirements, and the power should not be as large as possible. For example, simple rust removal and low power are sufficient. If you choose high power, it may also damage the workpiece.

If the customers who consult with us about the price of Dwellka will quote the product model to quote the product, the difference is still very big.

According to a market research report, the global laser cleaning market will reach US$589 million in 2018, and is expected to reach US$724 million in 2023, with a CAGR of 4.22% from 2018 to 2023. Although this number is a bit old, it still has a strong reference.

Many of the above industries belong to the pillar industries of the national economy. After the addition of laser cleaning technology, the economic and social benefits generated are very considerable. Using the existing laser technology conditions in our country, we will develop matching laser cleaning equipment, and in a short time. It is entirely possible to realize practicality, industrialization and industrialization, which is also of great significance for promoting the development of high-tech industries.

How to choose a laser cleaning machine for rust removal?

About where to buy laser cleaning machine for rust removal, if you want to go to buy this kind of equipment, you can directly look for the laser cleaning machine for rust removal manufacturer to buy it, looking for the manufacturer is a best way to buy. There are many people may feel less able to understand, do not know why to find the manufacturer.

1, the reason to find the manufacturer to buy, mainly because to find the manufacturer to buy can make people feel more at ease some.

2, in looking for laser cleaning machine for rust removal manufacturers to buy before, some manufacturers can apply for free samples, manufacturers will also be based on the customer’s situation to choose a suitable product application of the machine, in terms of product quality can be more certain guarantee.

3, generally when we look for laser cleaning machine for rust removal manufacturers to buy will be more worried about the quality of this aspect of the problem, if the quality is not able to get a certain guarantee, it will make people feel less acceptable, may be worried about the use of the process of problems, directly to the manufacturer to buy basically do not need to worry about the quality, because the manufacturers are able to ensure the quality of the product is now basically a certain warranty period, the manufacturer will also send technical personnel to repair. Manufacturers will also send technical personnel to repair, they can also be seen.

4, some manufacturers will also be customized production according to the special circumstances of customers to meet customer needs and meet customer standards.5, when the customer has purchased the machine, the laser cleaning machine for rust removal manufacturer will also arrange for technical advisers to visit the home to learn how to use.

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