Tube laser cutting machine for cutting round steel pipe

The previous article has talked about a lot of articles about metal laser cutting machine cutting plate, now let’s take you to know about pipe laser cutting machine cutting round steel pipe.

When gas cutting round steel, preheat from one side first. At this time, the preheating flame should be perpendicular to the surface of the round steel. When starting to cut, slowly open the oxygen valve of gas cutting, and turn the cutting nozzle to the direction perpendicular to the ground. Then increase the cutting oxygen flow to make the round steel cut through. When the cutting nozzle moves forward, it also needs to swing slightly laterally to widen the incision and facilitate slag discharge. The round steel with smaller diameter can best be cut in one time. If the diameter of the round steel is large and cannot be cut through at one time, the split gas cutting method can be used.

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In order to improve the cutting efficiency of round steel, several round steels can be arranged in parallel and close to each other for continuous gas cutting. When gas cutting, the first round steel is preheated to the combustion temperature, and the cutting torch is used to cut at a certain speed. When the cutting torch goes to the 3-4 and 6-7 positions, the molten slag in the cut will heat the surface of the next round steel and make it reach the ignition point. Under the action of the cutting oxygen flow, the round steel starts the gas cutting process, so that the Several round bars can be cut in consecutive pairs. The number of consecutive cuts depends on the diameter of the round bar and the effective stroke of the torch on the cutting machine.

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In the process of continuous gas cutting of round steel, the actual cutting thickness is constantly changing, so the cutting speed should also change accordingly, in order to obtain good cutting quality. In practice, a relatively suitable average speed is usually taken as the cutting speed. In addition, the height of the cutting torch needs to be adjusted from the 1-3 position, and it only needs to be kept at the height of 3 in the future. The back inclination angle of the cutting torch depends on the diameter of the round steel and the average cutting speed, which is determined by experiments.


Because during continuous gas cutting, only the first round bar needs to be preheated, and the subsequent round bars are preheated by slag, and the preheating time accounts for a small proportion of the entire cutting, while when a single bar is cut, the preheating time It accounts for 40%-50% of the whole cutting time. Therefore, during continuous gas cutting of round steel, the cutting efficiency can be greatly improved, which is about 1.5 times of the cutting efficiency of a single round steel.

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