lightweld 1500

Lightweld 1500 laser welder

Power: 1500w
Features: light and portable, easy to carry, easy to operate
Handheld laser welding systems are easy to use, simple and quick to set up, and deliver consistent, high-quality welds across a wide range of materials and thicknesses

Components of the LightWELD 1500w handheld laser welding machine LightWELD 1500w handheld laser welding machine: consists of laser source (IPG/raycus), handheld pendulum head, water cooler, control panel, console, wire feeder) and protection device, case, etc.   Portable Laser Welder Features Quick Specifications. Laser power: up to 1500w Peak power: up to 2500w Single side weld thickness. Stainless steel, galvanised steel, mild steel and aluminium: up to 4mm Copper:up to 1mm fiber laser welding Portable laser welding machine application areas. -Metal processing shops -Bodywork applications -Maintenance and repair -Construction and plumbing -Agriculture, furniture and appliances -Aerospace Portable lightweld 1500 laser welder features 1. High speed: up to 4 times faster than conventional methods – increased productivity and reduced part costs 2. High quality: consistent welding of thick, thin and reflective metals with no distortion, nibbling or burn-through – minimal heat affected zone 3. Ease of use: simple set-up, easy to learn and operate for consistent, high quality welds 4. Enhanced material capabilities: metals of varying thickness, ultra-thin parts, copper welding, low and high conductivity materials 5. Pendulum welding: additional welding width of 5 mm – enhanced performance and highly aesthetic joints 6. Operator safety: multi-level sensors and interlocking safety features

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