Exchange table laser cutting machine

Exchange Table Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Introduction of exchange table laser cutting machine:

The exchange platform laser cutting machine adopts two tables to exchange each other, which is convenient for loading and unloading, and the exchange speed is fast. It can cut and load materials at the same time, which improves the work efficiency and the price is reasonable. It is suitable for factories with large production capacity and continuous work.

Metal laser cutting machine adopts dual-drive high-precision rack and pinion imported from Taiwan. The cutting speed can reach more than 60 meters per minute. High work efficiency, high precision, fast speed, and easy operation.

Introduction of double platform laser cutting machine.
Double-drive gantry structure, the bed is an integral welded part, fully enclosed structure, with double-exchange working platform, light weight of Z-axis, good dynamic performance, both from the annealing after rough machining, after the second vibration aging treatment and then the overall finishing, to achieve very high accuracy of shape and position tolerance

The main frame of the fixed table is bent from an extra-thick plate and then welded together to form the whole frame; thus it has a great load-bearing capacity.

The cutting table is welded from the whole square, and each node is made of extra thick keel to ensure that the bed does not collapse and the structure is stable in long-term use;

Advantages of the double exchange table laser cutting machine:

1. high efficiency and time saving

2. Good cutting quality

3. Stable performance

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

5. Enclosed sheet metal cover, equipped with safety devices, door protection switch, etc., both safety and visibility unity, greatly improve the safety performance

6. Exchange time can be completed within 15 seconds, which greatly reduces the exchange time and thus increases the production efficiency!

Exchange Table Metal Laser Cutting Machine mainly used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, copper, aluminium alloy, iron, gold, silver and other plates of 1.0~25mm thickness.

The stable and reliable classic gantry double-drive structure of the double-platform laser cutting machine, with automatic exchange of the work table, cutting at the same time in the other work table under the material, convenient and time-saving.

Exchange Table Metal Laser Cutting Machine with high speed movement, acceleration performance and dynamics, a product specially developed for high efficiency, its cutting speed of 0.5mm stainless steel reaches 100m/min.

Exchange Table Metal Laser Cutting Machine is specially designed for the sheet metal processing industry in the field of thin and medium plate processing and the laser processing equipment, which has a very high cost performance, controlled by the CNC system, the efficiency is much higher than other laser cutting equipment controlled by the board drive method.

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