How to Choose 1000 Watt Laser Rust Removal Machine

At present, the fiber laser rust removal in the market is mainly hand held laser cleaner, which is small in size, convenient in operation and moderate in price, and is welcomed by many enterprises!

laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine

1000 watt laser rust removal machine is a high-power laser cleaning equipment, but there are still some large enterprises and special industries that require higher cleaning efficiency and automation in order to improve production and processing efficiency. How to choose a 1000 watt laser rust removal machine?

When choosing a 1000 watt laser cleaning machine manufacturer, you can refer to the following points

  • Qualification,
  • Enterprise strength
  • Enterprise practical application case
  • Enterprise industry prices, etc. In short, it is necessary to choose a few more

SUSNHAN LASER has specialized in the production and sales of laser cleaning equipment for more than 10 years. The power of the laser cleaning machine ranges from 50 watts to thousands of watts. power, and can also provide customers with non-standard customization to realize automatic cleaning operations.

laser cleaner (2)

There are no consumables when using the fiber laser cleaning machine, which saves a certain amount of material costs compared to traditional cleaning. Laser machin rust removal is a non-contact and non-abrasive cleaning method, so it will not cause damage to the workpiece. The operation of the equipment is easy to learn. After cleaning, no waste is produced, so it will not pollute the environment.

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