How Do Consumers Choose A Cost-Effective Lightweld 1500?

At present, laser welding occupies the mainstream market in China, and is more popular than traditional argon arc welding and electric welding due to its advantages of fast speed, simple operation, perfect welding effect, and less consumables.

However, there are a variety of brands in the market, which are unimaginable. Although the competition in the industry can improve product quality and promote the development of the industry, it also creates difficulties for consumers to choose.

How do consumers choose a cost-effective product?

1、 Recognize needs

Laser welding machine is the mainstream processing product in today’s industry. Its original intention is to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. Therefore, we should make comprehensive reference to the demand, such as the daily production of the factory, the technical ability of the workers, the size of the factory space, and so on, so as to select suitable products. At present, there are many kinds of laser welding machines, with different welding efficiency, weld appearance, required workers’ technical ability, daily maintenance, etc., so we should master our own needs to Can best choose suitable laser welding machine products.

2、 Master after-sales service

Laser welding machine is a product that must rely on perfect after-sales service system. Unlike other products, laser welding machine maintenance, system, welding wire, water cooling, etc. must be supported by strong after-sales service. After many users buy some products with imperfect after-sales service, it becomes a big problem to replace welding wires and repair product failures in the later period. Finally, because there are no professional parts or the same products cannot be purchased, they have to replace a new laser welding machine.

3、 It is more secure to choose a professional brand

At present, the brand competition in the laser welding machine market is fierce. Due to the particularity of the laser welding machine, many brands do not master the professional core technology, so the product performance and user experience are not very good. In addition to high brand awareness, product performance cannot be compared with that of professional manufacturers. Through comprehensive understanding of the market and our own industry technology, we recommend a product with high brand awareness and professionalism in China’s laser equipment industry as a reference – multi-dimensional laser welding machine.

Lightweld 1500

Lightweld 1500 adopts the latest generation of fiber laser and is equipped with a self-developed welding head, which fills the gap in the laser equipment industry for hand-held welding. It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed and no consumables. Welding of metal materials such as thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, etc., can perfectly replace traditional argon arc welding, electric welding and other processes. The machine is used in automobiles, general machinery, metal structures, aviation, aerospace, rolling stock, shipbuilding, household hardware and electrical appliances and other industries. more and more widely used.

lightweld 1500 laser welding machine control panel:

lightweld 1500 laser welding machine control panel:Laser power up to 1500 W is easily adjusted via intuitive buttons to quickly call up welding settings for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. With 74 stored presets and user-defined process parameters, novice welders can be trained to weld in hours. Selected storage modes provide high peak power up to 2500 W and allow for higher welding capacity.

Light weld 1500 welding machine hand welding torch:

Two-step triggering increases operator safety The handheld torch is compact and ergonomic. Proven to be the most well-balanced and easy-to-use torch on the market. The lightweight built-in oscillating function, safe 2-step triggering, enables the operator to consistently

Light weld 1500 welding machine wiring:

The lightweld 1500’s clearly marked rear connections make getting started quick and easy. Laser transmission, gas and gun control are pre-wired into 5 m (optional 10 m) cables. Simply plug in the power cord and gas connections, secure the cord clips to your work surface and get started. It can be connected to the Internet for fine-tuning, saving process parameters and other advanced parameter settings.

Light weld 1500 safety features:

The LightWeld is a Class IV laser system and routine precautions are required to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

Built-in features include:

(1) The main switch controls the laser and the emergency stop switch button to ensure safe operation;

(2) The optical fiber laser interlock device can monitor the complete process of laser transmission to the welding torch;

(3) Two-step trigger to ensure normal operation;

(4) If the welding torch is not in contact with the welding parts, the electrical interlock of the parts contact will turn off the laser power;

(5) Operator protection includes welding gloves, welding shield and 1070 nm.

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