Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine for Large Area Rust Removal

Why is it suitable to use a continuous laser cleaning machine for large-scale rust removal?

First, the area of the rust layer is large, and the efficiency of the pulsed laser cleaning machine cannot keep up;

second, even if the power is higher, the cost is high, so choosing a continuous laser cleaning machine is more conducive to large-scale rust removal.

Large-scale rust removal is mostly used for steel plate rust removal and ship rust removal. Compared with traditional rust removal processes, the advantages of laser cleaning mainly include:

(1) Laser cleaning will not be in direct contact with the workpiece to be cleaned, will not generate mechanical pressure, and will not cause damage to the workpiece;

(2) The directionality of the laser beam is flexible and controllable, and the spot size and size are adjustable, which can be adapted to the fine cleaning of flat or copied curved surface workpieces;

(3) The cleaning process is highly controllable and meets the cleaning needs of various types of pollutants;

(4) The laser can be transmitted through the beam, with high operational flexibility and easy remote control;

(5) Laser cleaning has a certain surface modification effect, which can effectively prevent secondary oxidation and improve surface mechanical properties;

(6) The laser cleaning process has low noise, no dust, chemical agents and other pollution;

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