oscillating knife cutting machine

Oscillating knife cutting is the most important application technology in the CNC machining industry. It is a contact machining based on the tool processing technology, combined with servo motion control and high-amplitude oscillating knife motor, to drive the tool to the narrow path or cut. material is cut,

What is Vibrating knife cutting machine?

CNC Oscillation knife cutting machine is a kind of CNC cutting machine tool, the principle is similar to saw blade, mainly using blade vibration with mechanical axis movement, to complete the cutting process. The edge of the finished product cut out is smooth, and the size of the cut piece is precise, odorless and more environmentally friendly. Vibrating knife according to the different needs of processing, but also can be replaced with a wheel knife, half cutter, drag knife, miter knife, drag knife, milling knife and other tools.

What are the components of vibrating knife cutting machine

Vibrating knife cutting machine is composed of CNC cutting table, vibrating knife, slant knife, round knife, punch knife, milling knife and other cutting head.

An CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is made up of a cutting bed, an adsorption device, a felt, a gantry, a knife head, a knife bar, a control system, etc. When cutting, the material needs to be placed flat on the cutting bed, the adsorption device starts to work to hold the material on the cutting bed, and after the pattern data is entered, the knife head and the knife seat vibrate up and down at a frequency of tens of thousands of times per minute to cut.

Vibrating knife cutting machine video

Where is the vibrating knife cutting machine used

Vibrating knife cutting machine is mainly used to cut non-metallic flexible materials, including fiber, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, fabric, silk circle, leather, felt, carpet, sound-absorbing cotton, silicone, rubber, kt board, etc. And the laser can process metal and non-metal materials, in addition to such soft materials as leather fabric, but also steel, alloy, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, the processing range is much wider.

Advantages of oscillating knife cutting machine

1, the function is more diverse, suitable for garment proofing, garment cutting, printing garment cutting, printing garment cutting, printing swimwear cutting, pair of strip layout cutting and so on many kinds.
2. Fast speed, the blade’s working speed determines the efficiency of work, vibrating knife cutting machine using servo motor running speed up to 2500mm / s, in the efficiency of this piece is not to worry.
High accuracy, the equipment uses pulse positioning, cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm. accuracy determines the product scrap rate, if not up to standard is a considerable loss, especially for leather products.
4. Strong applicability, suitable for garment fabric, fur, leather, non-metal sheet cutting, a device when more than one device to use.
Different industries use CNC vibration knife cutting machine requirements may vary, so in the purchase of this equipment, but also to do a good job of communication with the manufacturer, necessary enough to customize.

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