3 Theoretical Models Of Handheld Laser Cleaner

Everyone knows that the handheld laser cleaner can not only be used to remove rust and oil stains, etc., but there are actually many types of cleaning. Generally, it is used to clean the rust on the surface of metal materials, or to remove paint and oil stains. etc. In the face of these different metal materials and different stains, different laser cleaning methods can be selected according to the actual situation. When using a handheld laser cleaner for surface operations, due to the different components of the surface attachments and the relatively complex structure, the mechanism of the action between the laser and the removal is also different. The following is a detailed description of several commonly used theoretical models. Bar.

Theoretical Model 1: Phosgenation/Photolysis:

The laser light generated by the laser can be concentrated by the optical system to achieve a high concentration of energy. The focused laser beam can generate a high temperature of thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focus, which can instantly vaporize or decompose the attachment on the surface of the object.

Theoretical Model 2: Light Stripping:

The attachment on the surface of the object is heated and expanded by the action of the laser. When the expansion force of the attachment on the surface of the object is greater than the adsorption force between it and the substrate, the attachment on the surface of the object will be detached from the surface of the object.

Theoretical Model Three: Light Vibration:

The pulsed laser with higher frequency and power is used to impact the surface of the object, and ultrasonic waves are generated on the surface of the object. This cleaning method can be used when the absorption coefficient of the laser beam is not much different between the object and the surface attachment, or when the surface attachment will

At present, there is no uniform standard for the structure of the handheld laser cleaner. It is necessary to decide which machine to use based on the actual cleaning method, the type of substrate and dirt, and the effect of cleaning requirements. Only when a suitable laser cleaning machine is selected , in order to make it play a role and solve customer problems. However, they are roughly the same in some basic structures. They all use lasers to clear rust, dirt, paint, etc. on the metal surface, mainly including lasers, mobile platforms, real-time monitoring systems, semi-automatic control operating systems and others. Auxiliary systems etc.

I believe that the three theoretical models of the laser cleaning machine we shared are convenient for everyone to pay attention to when choosing laser cleaner for metal. For more information on purchasing laser cleaner for metal, you can pay attention to sunshan laser.

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