Can you Make Money with A Laser Cutter

Do you want to know how to make money with a metal fiber laser cutting machine?

A laser cutting business is a creative venture you can venture into – similar to knowing how to make money with a metal fiber laser cutting machine, it’s easy to set up, has plenty of business opportunities and is very profitable.

All you need is the laser cutter, the product idea, and the sales medium and you’re ready to go.

So if you’re considering using a laser cutter to make money in an unconventional way, read on to find out what it’s all about.

Here is what I will take you through today.

How to make money with a fiber laser cutting machine

Along with the outside world’s increasingly positive assessment of the development prospects of laser equipment, many investors have expressed a desire to invest in laser cutting machines, but on the other hand, they are worried about “Is a laser cutting machine really profitable?” “Laser cutting processing profit is not high? “”There is no case to refer to?”” And so on. Indeed, the laser cutting machine costs more, in the investment needs to be carefully analyzed, rational reference. Chinese laser cutting machine manufacturers on these issues to give you a brief introduction to.

To understand whether the laser cutting machine earn money, we first understand the laser cutting processing cost calculation multiplier relationship. Laser cutting generally ranges from 400-1000 per hour, regional differences are relatively large, in China Hefei, Zhejiang, Shenzhen area is relatively cheap; Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places relatively expensive.

fiber laser cutters

There is a clear distinction between this and the area you are in, as the price of sheet metal materials in the area is different, and the labour costs are different, so the quotes will vary, but the price fluctuation is definitely within this range, and will not go beyond this range.

There are many companies that do not necessarily calculate the cost by laser cutting, but by the length of the cutting line to quote, carbon steel plate is generally 1.5 times the plate thickness per metre, which means that the cutting cost per metre of 4MM carbon steel plate = 4*1.5=6RMB/m.

The algorithm on the market price is generally: the price of cutting a meter = to cut the material plate thickness × 1.5 (without material costs of the price, the customer with material processing)
(For example: compare the price of laser cutting a metre of 6mm mild steel plate: 6 (plate thickness) × 1.5 = 9 yuan / m.
10 mm mild steel laser cutting a meter of the price of: 10 (plate thickness) x 1.5 = 15 yuan / m,
The price of one metre of 12 mm mild steel laser cut is: 12 (plate thickness) x 1.5 = 18 yuan/m.

metal cutting

According to this formula can be derived from the price of cutting a meter of different thickness), the price per meter of stainless steel is generally 2.5 times the thickness of the plate, the price per meter of aluminum plate is generally 4 times the thickness of the plate.

At the same time, if the middle of the plate to cut holes, to charge perforation fees, perforation fees according to the different thickness of the plate generally in 0.4-2 yuan ranging. Some companies also charge for air freight, which is generally multiplied by 1.2 times the total price, while some companies do not charge for air freight and can charge less for larger quantities.

Of course, the specific price has a lot to do with the size of the processing volume, the shape of the part (compared to all the small holes can not be fully calculated by the number of meters), whether it includes freight, whether it is with material processing, etc.. So the general factory or processing plant will fluctuate, will be automatically measured according to the amount of.

metal laser cutter

Laser cutting machine profits are not high?

Laser cutting machine equipment is ideal for users with low investment costs, with the advantages of low investment and short payback period. However, while considering the price of laser cutting machines, the value brought is more important. In other words, it depends on whether the performance and advantages of the laser cutting machine are worth the investment. The following is an introduction to the performance advantages of small sand making machines.

1, small footprint, good production results

Laser cutting machine small size, small footprint, can be a number of forming processes into one, saving investment in equipment, the use of special structural design, the body is durable, the production of finished workpiece shape, cutting uniform.

2, high degree of automation, high production efficiency

Laser cutting machine with high degree of automation, simple operation, high production efficiency, the use of special advanced operating principles, human-machine interaction experience, is a superior performance, cost-effective, widely used equipment, ideal for beginners.

3, low investment costs, low consumption of wearing parts

Laser cutting machine investment costs are low, the production capacity can meet the needs of metal processing plants, consumable parts consumption is low, so effectively reduce the maintenance costs and operating costs later.

In summary, many users have understood the profits of laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines after improvements in design, technology and environmental effects are in line with the future development, today’s investment in laser cutting projects are not only quite profitable, but also to provide the market with a constant stream of high-quality finished metal materials.

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine

How much does it cost to run a fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine costs mainly include electricity consumption, auxiliary gas costs and wearing parts.
Taking a 1000W fibre laser cutting machine as an example.

1.Electricity consumption.

1000W fiber laser cutting machine hourly power consumption of 6 degrees, the cost of electricity is about 6 yuan / hour (calculated at 1 yuan / degree).

2, Auxiliary gas consumption.

Oxygen: 15 yuan / bottle, about 1 hour, hourly unit price of 15 yuan
Nitrogen: 320 RMB/canister, about 12~16 hours, hourly unit price 20 RMB.
Note: In the text, oxygen refers to bottled gas; nitrogen is more cost effective when filled than bottled, and saves the operator the time of changing gas and the waste of excess gas in the bottle. In addition, the price of gas varies from region to region.

3.Consumption of other wearing parts.

Protective lenses: normal use of 300 hours or more, the price of 150 yuan / piece, about 1-2 yuan per hour(If the working environment is good, the usage time will be longer)
Copper mouth: normal use of 300 hours or more, the price of 50 yuan / piece, about 0.18 yuan per hour
Ceramic ring: more than 7200 hours of normal use, the price of 400 yuan / piece, about 0.11 yuan per hour

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What can a metal fiber laser cutting machine do

Metal laser cutting machines can carry out almost all the cutting required, both as an alternative to traditional cutting machines and for, among other things, high-precision, ultra-small pieces and highly hard materials.

Metal laser cutting machines can be used for thin metal plate processing, advertising signage word production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobile, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electric know ware parts, eye industry, spring pieces, circuit boards, electric kettles, medical microelectronics, hardware, knives and gauges and other industries.

The laser cutting machine is a large object, must choose good quality to be able to Sunshan China laser cutting machine suppliers, focusing on technology, products, applications, markets and capital and other aspects of resource integration, there are a variety of models of laser cutting machine, production to “high speed, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, low consumption” as the product development We have a wide range of laser cutting machines with “high speed, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection and low consumption” as our product development and manufacturing orientation to reduce costs and improve production efficiency for our customers and help them create maximum economic benefits and value.

metal laser cutter
metal laser cutter

Can a laser cutting machine cut aluminium sheets

Whether a metal laser cutting machine can cut aluminium sheets depends on the power of the laser machine. It is also possible, but the processing costs are high. It is a highly reflective material. Laser cutting uses a focused, high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, causing the irradiated material to rapidly melt, vaporise, ablate or reach its ignition point. A high speed air stream coaxial to the beam blows the molten material away, resulting in the cutting of the workpiece.

In short, knowing how to make money with a metal fiber laser cutting machine is your perfect opportunity to start your own profitable business.

From choosing the right metal laser cutting machine to selecting your niche and selling your services, you will immediately cover your initial investment.

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